Transatlantic / ARC
I had a simply wonderful time on Northern Child - no downside at all, and lots of great experiences. I think Julian is an exceptional skipper, from whom I learnt a great deal. And I would also like to thank you personally for your very efficient back-up operation. An unbeatable team!!
Transatlantic / ARC
ARC Rally and Transatlantic Eastbound.

Taking into account your personal requirements we will place you aboard one of our selected yachts for the annual ARC Rally in November from Las Palmas westbound to St Lucia, or for the Transatlantic eastbound to Europe from Antigua in May each year. A great way to gain experience and sea miles is also to join one of our boats on the Atlantic Circuit for one of our Delivery Cruises for a week or longer. Examples include St Tropez to Las Palmas rin October and the UK to St Tropez in August each year.

The ARC Rally sees about 220 boats coming together in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, each November to take advantage of the early part of the easterly tradewind season across the Atlantic. By early November the threat of hurricanes in the approaches to the Caribbean has diminished and the fleet is well poised to take advantage of moderate following winds across the Atlantic with an arrival time into the Windward Islands well before Christmas. For more information about the ARC Rally and which boats available for this event click here.

The Transatlantic trips eastbound in May originate in the Leeward Islands, mainly in Antigua and St Maarten following Antigua Sailing week. All our yachts cut the journey in two and stop in Horta in the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic. By going north and then north east, yachts are following the isobars around the Azores high pressure system that dominates the whole of the Atlantic weather system. You can join us for just a leg to or from Horta if time is short, or you can join for the whole Transatlantic to North Europe or the Mediterranean. Click here for more information.

For advice and information call Julian or Magali on +44 (0)7801 549064 or email us or Open 7/7, 8am to 8pm